PT Asahimas Chemical makes serious effort to help the community to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Besides to sterilize the building and the environment around company, PT ASC also distributed the NaClO/Sodium Hypochloride as disinfectant spray to community in Cilegon, Serang and almost all areas in Banten Province through various Government Institution, TNI/POLRI, NGO, and many Public Health Institution. Up to April 27th 2020, the total of NaClO distribution reached 14.000 Liter.

Referring to World Health Organization (WHO), disinfectant spray can cripple the development of COVID-19 virus with concentration 0,1% and only used on surfaces of object, not human body. This fluid generally can be found in whitening products or bathroom cleaners. M. Chanief Yuniatmoko or known as Moko, Administration Division Manager ASC, explain that the NaClO which distributed to community is one of product from Chlor Alkali plant. “Basically, Asahimas Chemical producing NaClO to the producer of whitening product and bathroom cleaners with a certain concentration, around 10-13%. But due to COVID-19, to help the spread of COVID-19, we distributed NaClO liquid with 10% concentration which can be diluted by community to become 0,1% sodium hypochloride or ready to use as disinfectant spray. Surely before distributing, we always provide an explanation to the responsible institution for processing procedures and PPE that needed in the NaClO dilution process”, said Moko.

This assistance was welcomed by all institutions and communities, it seen from the extent of distribution and the various parties who continues to work together in distributions of this fluids. Moko also explained that the distributed not only by external parties, but also by the employee that allowed to bring that fluid to around their house.

Besides the area that attached in maps, PT ASC also distributed the disinfectant fluid to other areas and collaborated with following parties :














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